What is Goldbox Jewels?

Goldbox Jewels is an online fine jewelry store specializing in diamonds, either loose or mounted, finished pieces, and a wide array of colored gemstones, which strives in creating the ultimate contemporary classic pieces for any occasion.

What is our mission?

Our main goal is to make every person able to buy a piece of fine jewelry with all the confidence they need to take that step and more in all the important occasions of his or her life. We commit ourselves to education, creativity and above all, honesty and spirit of service.

What makes us different from other jewelry online stores?

Most of all, our spirit for giving people all the information they need and more when buying that special piece for that special occasion. We strive to give our customers the best pricing on the web for loose diamonds and gemstones, and commit to making the experience and unforgettable one when shopping for our items or designing their own. Goldbox Jewels has something for everyone!

How do I know if every jewelry piece, including loose diamonds, are real?

All of our diamonds bigger than 0.50 cts are either EGL USA or GIA certified. These are the worlds’ most reputable Gemological Laboratories and have the highest standards of quality. If you need your piece appraised for value, we can send it to AGS, one of the most important labs for appraisal, for an extra cost.

How do I know if it is safe to order through Goldbox Jewels?

We use only the best insured carriers to ship our items. So it will get to you! If you are not 100% satisfied with your product, we are always on hand for extra questions and returns if you feel like that is what you should do.

What happens if I want to return an item?

Anything is returnable on our web site for a period of 30 days after receiving the item. The package includes a pre-paid return label inside. The only things we cannot take back are things made to order, or custom made items. In engagement rings, we will gladly take back our rings, just email us first at regina@goldboxjewels.com or info@goldboxjewels.com. Be careful when you return, as we are not responsible for lost items. Try to insure and track your package! We will notify you when we get the order back. For any further information please go to our shipping policies.

What happens if I need extra help or advice when purchasing an item?

Regina from Goldbox Jewels has a passion for answering your jewelry related questions, any kind, from diamonds to colored gemstones to pearls to metals. So she will definitely either write you a comprehensive email or call you if you wish. Our live chat also makes it easier for you to get all of your questions answered in real time.

Does Goldbox Jewels gift wrap or place any personal message on my gift purchase?

We take pride in our special packaging for every occasion, whether it be engagement or every day, and you can always write a personal message with a present.

When will my GoldBox Jewels order get to me?

When you place your order, we process immediately and it takes 3 to 5 days to get to you. As soon as it ships, you will get an email with tracking information. Custom made pieces take a while longer since we make them especially for you. We will update the status of the order so you know when it gets shipped. You can follow the status of your orders in your account with us.

What forms of payment does Goldbox Jewels accept?

We take major Credit Cards and Paypal. You can also arrange check or money order, or transfer internationally.

Do I get any form of certification on diamonds?

Any diamond bigger than 50 pts., equaling half a carat, is certified. We work with all of the world’s most famous Gemological Labs, including GIA (Gemological Institute of America), AGS (American Gemologica Society) and EGL USA (European Gemological Laboratories).

I don’t know a lot about diamonds, can you help me make my selection?

The world of diamonds is a beautiful but complex one, so we make sure you understand every detail of what you are buying and where you want to spend your budget. Regina is a Diamond Graduate from GIA who is months away from getting her Graduate Gemology Certification. She has been selling diamonds for 15 years and will help you in every step.

Are Goldbox Jewels diamonds conflict free?

All of our diamonds are legally imported into the US and hail from renowned suppliers that have to comply with all rules set by the United Nations to not fund conflicts in source countries. We pride ourselves in doing things the right way and not having any doubtful stones within our choices.

Can I see my diamond before making the purchase?

We will gladly show you video of any stone you wish to purchase, and send it to you via email, in high resolution, so you can examine it up close. Also, Regina is always on hand to answer any questions.

How can I know my ring size?

The best way to find out about the ring size you need is to properly have had it measured beforehand in  jewelry store. But you can always look at the webpage www.findmyringsize.com for help, where they have simple instructions to do so to not make a mistake!

Does Goldbox Jewels engrave jewelry?

Yes! For a little extra, you can engrave anything you wish!

Does Goldbox repair jewelry?

Even though the quality of our metals, gemstones, and finished pieces is of the highest standards, sometimes repairs are necessary. You can always contact us and send your items for this reason and usually they cost very little to repair. We will send them back with complimentary shipping.

What if I have a design on my mind and you do not have anything like it on your website?

At Goldbox Jewels, we think everything is possible! If you can think it, we can make it, as long as it does not defy the rules of our metals and gemstones. We would love to bring your dreams to reality!

What metals does Goldbox work with?

Goldbox Jewels uses high quality Platinum and Gold in various forms, including 14k, 18k yellow, white and rose.

What happens if I want to trade my engagement ring diamond later or exchange it for a bigger one?

We will always be on hand to give diamond advice in any stage of life. We can definitely take back your diamond and exchange it, or trade it up if you wish for that.

Do you have expedited shipping?

Yes we do! Pick it in our options.

Where does Goldbox Jewels currently ship?

We ship is Continental US for now. International shipping will be available as we study the taxes and customs implications for other countries.