GoldBox Jewels is an online fine jewelry store specializing in diamonds, either loose or mounted, finished pieces, and a wide array of colored gemstones, which strives in creating the ultimate contemporary classic piece for any occasion.


Our main goal is to make every person able to buy a piece of fine jewelry with all the confidence they need to take that step and more in all the important occasions of his or her life. We commit ourselves to education, creativity and above all, honesty and spirit of service.


GoldBox Jewels will always strive to make every person understand gemstones and diamonds to create their dream finished pieces through an easy and honest online experience.


Back in 2001, while earning her degree in Architecture, Regina realized that her true passion was pursuing what her grandmother had taught her while growing up. At 70-something, she had had a fullfilling 30 year career in selling fine jewelry, and Regina was always asking questions and going through her safe being curious about all those gemstones and diamonds.  When she finally asked Regina to accompany her on a buying trip, she said yes without hesitation! At that moment, she knew exactly what she was supposed to be doing, and as soon as she finished University, enrolled at her first course at GIA (Gemological Institute of America) to pursue her degree in Gemology.

On the other hand, Gabriela, her younger sister, had finished her degree in Business Phsychology and was shining working in the HR Department at Pepsico, when she had a big move and was suddenly faced with the though decision to find a new job, when Regina asked her to join her on founding GoldBox Jewels. Her skills in organization and accounting, plus her keen sense of detail and good taste were perfect for the new company.

This pair of sisters love to do things right and bring to reality every dream that every customer has! Nothing makes un happier tan making a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry!